The Rogues’s Return by Jo Beverley

Jo Beverley has created a whole world which she brings to life in a group known as The Company of Rogues. This is a loosely knit group who had been gathered by Nicholas Delaney while they were still schoolboys. Now they are English gentlemen living during the period of the English Regency. Some are in the position to become Dukes, some are merely second sons, but all are of the English nobility.

The Rogues’ Return (c2006) is the twelfth book in the series but it is the first one that I read. You don’t need to read the others to get the full impact of the story. It can certainly stand on its own. The hero is Simon St. Bride and he was only mentioned briefly in previous books and never given a personality or character. Our heroine, Jancy Otterburn has not appeared in any of the previous books.

Simon and Jancy meet in York, Canada in 1816. Simon has been there fighting in the War of 1812 and Jancy arrived from England pretending to be the niece of a prominent, local businessman. Simon is appalled at the treatment of the Indians who have helped England in the war and he has gathered damning evidence against the Englishman who is head of Indian affairs in York.

When Simon is called into a duel and Jancy’s “uncle” suffers a fatal accident, events quickly escalate binding Jancy and Simon together. Uncle Isaiah’s dying request that they marry and the evidence that Simon must take to England put them on a collision course with someone who wants Simon dead. Jancy must also face the fact that she is not who Simon believes she is and her real background makes her an impossible choice to be his wife.

Although the books in the series,The Company of Rogues, are older, the stories are timeless for readers of romance. They are carefully true to the Regency Period and take the reader into that very structured world of manners and protocol. I will be going on a hunt for other books in this series.

Why Sports Fans May Choose a Madeira Regency Palace Timeshare

Situated on the outskirts of Funchal, around a 10 minute drive from its bustling centre, the Madeira Regency Palace Timeshare Resort is well placed to offer holidaymakers access to some of the most entertaining activities on the island. The capital city is well regarded as being the hub of most of the island’s sporting activities, with the exception of some of the finest surfing spots in Europe – Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar – which are situated towards the west of the island, a short drive from some of the finest timeshares in Madeira along the south coast.

Surfing is a popular pastime on the island, with the World Championships having been held off the shorelines of Madeira in 2001. The international surfing community regard the island highly, and with it being a relatively recent discovery for surf lovers, there are plenty of point breaks and reef breaks to go around. The prime surfing season is considered to be different to the mainstream summer tourism months, making it easier to pick up off peak timeshares in Madeira if riding the waves particularly takes your fancy. With the mild climate all year round, the Madeira Regency palace Timeshare Resort and other complexes are still a real attraction for holidaymakers in the autumn and spring.

For a more relaxed sporting experience, there are some top class sports clubs to be found in Funchal, all of which are easily reached from the Madeira Regency Palace timeshare resort. Top flight European football is hosted by two clubs on the island, each of which – despite their relatively modest size – are no strangers to the limelight. Nacional and Maritimo are the two Funchal-based clubs who compete for the fandom of the city’s inhabitants. Each currently play in the Portuguese Premier Division against such giants as Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon and both clubs have enjoyed recent runs in the Europa League, taking on sides such as Sevilla, Werder Bremen, Juventus and Leeds United. In the past, Real Madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe have come through the youth systems of Nacional and Maritimo respectively, and the two clubs enjoy a healthy rivalry as they battle for supremacy in the Portuguese league. Most timeshares in Madeira are immersed in the local culture and football is very much a fanatical culture on the island and one that can be fully enjoyed on a match day.

As an especially beautiful island filled with natural sights to take in and plenty of flora and fauna, Madeira is a preferred destination for those who enjoy hiking and cycling. There are some great walking routes across the country, with its relatively small size making it possible for those who own timeshares in Madeira so see the vast majority of the island on foot or by bike. The helpful staff at Madeira Regency Palace timeshare resort can help arrange active excursions for any visitor, making it even easier to enjoy active pursuits during your stay.

Create Warmth, Elegance And Style With Regency Wood Stoves

Regency has been the leader in wood stoves, inserts and other hearth products for a long time. They design and market their own products which are manufactured in North America. What makes them very popular in this industry is the fact they only use the finest materials in the manufacturing of their stoves. This ensures that every product sold is efficient, safe and high quality.

There are many advantages to having a wood stove as main heat source or at least as a supplemental heater at home. It also provides that known feeling of warmth and comfort of a real fire. The fuel is economical and ecological, which is a big relief, for those who feel burdened with the hike in oil and gas prices. Though electricity is also used as a heating source, it is one of the most expensive ways to heat a home. Furthermore, wood stoves do not depend on electric power to function so there is no loss of heat should a power failure occur.

When you hear the words wood stove, do you imagine a pot-belly stove and huge black pipe reminiscent of a different era? It’s time you change your view. Today, wood stoves are not only used for heating but are also an integral part of the interior home design. They are made from steel, cast-iron, or sometimes soapstone. With Regency Wood Stoves, you get a classic styled stove with a classy appeal, that will heat your home safely with clean burning, efficient heat.

Regency Wood Stoves come in a variety of looks and designs that have wide appeal. They are also EPA certified, which assures you that the product is environmentally friendly and will provide a clean burn. As with many other wood burning stoves your purchase is eligible for a tax credit on US income tax returns. The stoves have a contemporary look and style, that almost immediately shifts the focus to the brilliantly glowing fire. They also provide a greater flame viewing area, than traditional stoves.

Regency stoves have a handy firewood storage area at the base, which offers an added convenience. A single load of wood provides warmth for approximately 8 hours and you can adjust the heat easily by using the simple draft rod. The stoves usually have a temperature sensitive blower, which turns on and off automatically. Most of the models are designed for dual-burn, which ensures longer and more complete burns. Ceramic glass is used to radiate heat providing maximum warmth. The exterior of the stoves are usually made of durable cast iron, which not only looks beautiful but also increases the radiance of heat. Apart from all these features, stoves manufactured by Regency have efficient air wash systems, that keep the glass clean.

With people becoming more and more conscious about preserving the environment, wood burning stoves are ideal for heating homes without using fuels like oil and gas that emit huge amounts of harmful carbon dioxide gases. So, investing in a Regency Wood Stove not only provides immediate benefits today, but also for future generations. Regency is so certain about the quality and efficiency of their products, that every product is backed by a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

So,bring home a Regency Wood Stove to make your home warm and welcoming, while knowing that you’re doing your part to keep our environment clean.