Far to the North East of Bali Lies Karangasam Regency – Candi Dasa

Surrounded by the peaceful waters of the Lombok strait and the Bali Sea and flanked by the menacing yet fatherly presence of Guning Agung, Karangasam is a place of emerald beauty with rice fields and jungle-covered mountains dominating every aspect of life. It is just this remoteness that gives the area its charm and its mystery; a slice of Bali chosen by the peace-loving cognoscenti of travellers -middle class and backpacker alike- who wish to enjoy the slow life and allow nature to dominate their every waking moment.

Up until recently the area was difficult to reach because of the poor roads, but with he recently completed by-pass all the way from the airport to just below Padang Bay, what was formerly a 2½ hour trip has been slashed to just over an hour and a half, offering no excuses not to visit and explore the possibilities of this most under-rated and beautiful part of Bali. Development is taking off as a result with many 5 star luxury hotels and villa developments under construction or about to break ground.

Padangbai is a tranquil little fishing village located at the bottom end of Amuk Bay With white sand beaches and clear blue waters, it has many small hotels and restaurants and is home to one of Bali’s few deep-water ports and home to the terminal for the ferries that run to back and forth to Lombok and Nusa Penida around the clock.

Located just up the coast to the north is the small town of Manggis where the big guns of the resort world are to be found. Amankila and Alila, both call Manggis home and offer five-star accommodation and service for those wanting to holiday in unashamed luxury.

A few kilometres further to the north is Candidasa, a small resort town that has a relaxed seaside ambience and sweeping views from the hotels and restaurants built right on the water. Candidasa has developed into a top tourist destination over the years and is the gateway for exploring the rugged interior of the region or the breathtaking underwater world offshore.

Exotiq has two particular projects that they are marketing in the Candi Dasa region offering high returns and top quality builds: The Orion’s Beach Villas and the Emerald bay Villas, both in Candi Dasa, both built on absolute beachfront just north of the AmanKila and Alila hotels.

Emerald Bay Villas is a development of 7 five star villas all on absolute beachfront and on the market for US$1.1 While Orion’s Bay Villas is a development of 7 luxury four-bedroom villas with three on beachfront and four just back from the beach selling for between US$440,000 and US$740,000. More on these spectacular two villa developments in the next installment.

Managers Need To Keep It Real

I spent last Thursday hosting several staff training sessions at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. It was incredible! From the housekeepers to the bellman to the sales force, all employees at the property made it obvious why they’re one of the most profitable Hyatts in the country.

About halfway through one of the afternoon sessions, I noticed a man sitting in the front row. Literally, he was sitting IN the front row. The 6 foot 5, suit clad man casually kicked up his legs across a few chairs, smiled, nodded and kept an interested eye on me at all times.

Who is this guy? I wondered.

After we adjourned he approached me and said, “Scott, thanks very much for your presentation! I’ve been hearing great feedback from everybody. I’m Jerry Simmons, the General Manager of this hotel.”

Ohhhhhh…the GM. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

“And I’m so glad you talked about approachability to our staff. You see, too many managers think it’s wrong or ‘not cool’ to be approachable. Like they should be isolated from the rest of the staff. But they need to be real. So I think your ideas are just what they needed to hear.”

It turns out Mr. Simmons started his career as a wide receiver for the Steelers, Falcons, Saints, Broncos and Bears in the 60’s and 70’s. Then, after a Hyatt Regency asked him to talk to their employees about leadership, he took on a part time position in the off season in the hotel restaurant. Nine years later he became the General Manager of one of the biggest Hyatts in the country.

What a story. What a guy. What a hotel. Not to mention a shining example of someone who knows how to keep it real. Now I know, you’ve heard the phrase “keep it real” ad nauseum. And it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

But to me, keeping it real (being yourself, showing vulnerability, eliminating superficial hierarchy and maintaining congruency in your character) is a direct indicator of one’s approachability.

Enjoying Life’s Best in Regency Lakes

Capitalizing on neighborhood-living like that of real families, one can be at home and at ease living in Regency Lakes. It is one of Coconut Creek’s foremost communities boasting of beautiful single-family homes kept within a gated community. Having this as a primary security measure makes the residents confident that they are safe. This is on top of the security guards which keep their posts on a 24-hour rotation.

The amenities that this gated community offers make life enjoyable and comfortable. For instance, there is a community clubhouse where various functions can be held. There is a swimming pool for refreshing recreation.

For the sports-minded residents, there are amenities for basketball, beach volleyball, and tennis. For those who wanted to attain more refined body curves, the fitness facility is recommended for regular usage.

Community Landscape

Anyone who sets foot in the community will easily notice how lovable it is. From its entrance, everyone is greeted by the bubbling fountain. For many, this is an element that already imparts the tranquil atmosphere that the entire community offers.

As one walks or drives through the area, it can’t be helped but admire the way the neighborhood is maintained. The trees complement the tropical landscape implemented. This contributes to a refreshing feeling and look.

Outside Access

Access to the Lakeside Park of Coconut Creek is easy. The community’s main entrance is jus beyond it. Thus, residents can go back and forth in such a breeze. And for those who are looking for a great place for fun during weekends, this park has great covered playground, ball fields, and food stands.

Residing in Regency Lakes provides an individual or a family the chance to embrace a fantastic lifestyle offered not only by the community but of the entire city of Coconut Creek. Here you’ll have the great opportunity to enjoy South Florida’s well-loved beaches and indulge in great dishes too as offered by top-rated restaurants.

There are also diverse options when it comes to shopping and entertainment. The city in which Regency Lakes sits is very alive with numerous choices for activities ranging from sports, arts, and culture. Primary needs of the residents, aside from the communal ones, are also provided by the city facilities such as those catering to healthcare, education, and government services.

If you are thinking of living in a secured and fantastic community, one of the houses in Regency Lakes is waiting to be called your home sweet home.