Downtown San Diego Real Estate

Downtown San Diego offers a wide range of real estate opportunities because of the expansion that it has experienced in recent years. Evidence to this vibrancy is the construction of over twelve thousand housing units in recent years and hotels, condominiums and shopping centers have replaced old buildings. This real estate boom has been accompanied by various businesses setting up shop in downtown San Diego, all indicators point to further vibrancy that real estate investors, homeowners and buyers can take advantage of for bigger returns.

Neighborhoods and notable sites

There are eight neighborhoods that make up Downtown San Diego; these include Columbia, Core, Cortex Hill, East Village, Gaslamp Quarter, Horton Plaza, Little Italy and Marina. Across these neighborhoods are various sites that have contributed to the vibrancy of the area. One notable site is the Seaport Village shopping center, which boasts of open air eating and specialty shops. Another notable site is the Gaslamp District, which is composed of Victorian style structures that are lined with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and antique stores. In Horton Plaza, there is the San Diego Zoo and a number of museums, which have made Horton Plaza the most visited neighborhood in Downtown San Diego.

Apart from notable and historical sites, there are also quite number of major hotels in Downtown San Diego like the Marriot Hotel, the Pan Pacific Embassy Suites and the Hyatt Regency. The transportation infrastructure located in Downtown San Diego include train stations, an airport and trolley stations which interconnect San Diego to other areas.

Prices of homes

When of purchasing a house in Downtown San Diego, you can expect to pay as an average of two hundred seventy thousand dollars for smaller houses and as much as three million for high priced large houses. Specific prices of an attached house range from two hundred seventy-nine thousand dollar for a one-bedroom house to three hundred ninety-five thousand dollars for a two-bedroom house. For detached houses, you can expect to pay around seven hundred thousand dollars for a three-bedroom house and one two million dollars for a four-bedroom house. There are currently a number of detached homes and around six hundred condominium units available in downtown San Diego. Given the vibrant real estate environment in Downtown San Diego, it can be expected that players in the real estate business are going to take advantage of the opportunities available there.

Incline Village Real Estate Market

McCloud condominium complex sales have historically been a good indicator of how the real estate market is trending in Incline Village, Nevada here on the Lake Tahoe north shore. Listings outstanding in the large complex usually span a range of 10 to 18 in number. Right now there are 17. Escrow activity is now quite good with 4 properties currently under contract. The last sale in the complex was in December, 2010 but those escrows should be closing soon since financing is obtainable.

I would say that the market in McCloud units is now relatively active and healthy. Prices are firming up. The inventory presents some choice and sales are closing on a regular basis even though we are in the winter doldrums, however, it is an awesome ski season here in the Lake Tahoe area.

The activity bodes well for the overall Incline Village real estate market looking forward. Prices on the most typical two bedroom McCloud units have steadied at around $400,000, some a little higher, some a little lower than that mark. Once the two beds are priced under the $400,000 level they seem to get a lot of attention. If the unit is well located, meaning the living area looks out to some open space, and there is good sunlight, the unit is typically shown much more often. Simple interior upgrades go a long way in terms of obtaining a higher price and less market time. New appliances, counter tops and a little design work go a very long way toward obtaining more in proceeds at closing.

In whole, the Mccloud condominium complex contains 256 units within eight clusters of 32 units each. The developer designed the complex well by virtue of using the cluster site plan. There are primarily two bedroom units within the complex. Each cluster also contains four one bedroom units. Three bedrooms are somewhat prized and there are just a few in each cluster. There is a spa and sauna in each cluster. All units have a one car garage.

Nearly everyone appreciates the nice landscaping in the complex and the location is terrific because of its’ proximity to Incline Beach on Lake Tahoe, the Rec Center, Tennis Complex, Village Green and the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. Starbucks is just up the street and your kayak, which can be located in an IVGID rack at the boat ramp, is just a walkable block away.

So as the McCloud real estate market goes, generally so goes the Incline Village real estate market. The area has always been an exclusive playground for those who love incredible mountain lakes, a terrific climate and awesome recreation. Don’t forget, Nevada has no state income tax!

Is WorldVentures A Real Legit Network Marketing Company?

Many want to know if WorldVentures is a scam or a real legit network marketing company. With any network marketing company the product is the most important part of the evaluation. If the products cannot standalone, and give what is being said, then it’s not truly a legit opportunity. I will give a detailed view of the business.

WorldVentures Products and are they worth it?

WorldVentures offers four products:

Dreamtrips (DT) $199.99 onetime $26.99 a month

Dreamtrips Life (DTL) $199.99 onetime $54.99 a month

DreamtripsU With RBS $124.98 onetime $26.98 a month

Representative Business System (RBS) $99.00 onetime $10.99 a month


DT cost $199.99 up front and $26.99 a month. This product takes the bulk buying concept of Costco or Sam’s Club and applies it to travel; in short it’s a monthly membership that gives the member access to discounted vacations. Available to the members is more 600 trips and I have checked out many trips and some of the savings are more than the cost of the membership. One great trip I saw is every month the members has an option of a $69 cruise that is a pretty good deal. Some of the trips I looked at included a trip to South Beach Miami to the Bentley hotel, it cost $335, and the lowest price I found was on Travelocity for $1300. That is a savings of almost $800 on one trip. Another trip I checked out is to Maui Hawaii to the Hyatt Regency hotel 8 days 7 nights it cost WV members $750. The lowest price around was Orbitz the price was more than $3700. The savings on this trip alone is over $2000. Comparing the investment of the membership and the trips you would easily save and get your money back out of just going on a trip.

Dreamtrips Life

The next product offered. DTL is 199.99 like Dreamtrips with a little extra for only about $25 more a month. With DTL you get a Rovia booking site in which you can send people to book their trips, or book your own trips to which you make a commission off each trip booked. You also get a concierge service that really works and you can call at anytime anywhere and ask anything. Included also is a DT mall that has great local and international deals on restaurants and retail stores all over, along with a mall to 100’s of websites where you can get great savings on a mix of anything, and if you shop on the DT mall you make a percent of what you spend. Last you will get access to the largest database of vacation rentals and condos and the prices again are unbeatable. Finally if you use the deals and trips you will save more than the membership fees.


One of the newest promotions that WV has rolled out. DreamtripsU is for the younger age group, it’s an invitation only travel club, if you are between the age of 18 to 25 the price is only 124.98 one time and 26.98 a month. With DTU you get the Dreamtrips and the RBS system which allows younger people to have more of a chance at joining a great business opportunity, and travel the world. DTU has age specific trips and even seasonal trips, included is spring break summer break and even winter break trips.

Representative Business System

Last is the RBS which cost $99.99 one time and $10.99 a month. This is basically your own business to which you introduce family and, and your network to the opportunity of WorldVentures. You are provided with your own website for your WV business. With the RBS you can get paid six ways direct commissions, team bonuses, free travel, rovia bucks, performance bonuses, and residual income. The residual and pay comes from monthly fees from your team and people being added to your team periodically. WV also has a bonus which allows members and representatives who enroll just four active members they will not have to pay a monthly fee ever again. So really if you sign up for any package and get four friends to travel with you, you can travel for the lowest prices available and not pay dollar again, and if you would like you have the ability to make a full-time or part-time income through WorldVentures.


In all if you sign up for your own business and great trips you pay about $365 and will save and get your money back in most cases on the first vacation you take. All in all for what I have researched and looked into about WorldVentures being a scam or a real legit network marketing company it is a true working and real opportunity for the average person.